Introducing QNICE-FPGA

QNICE-FPGA is a 16-bit computer system built as a fully-fledged System-on-a-Chip in portable VHDL on an FPGA. Everything - from the hardware design in VHDL to the toolchain (assembler and C) is Open Source, so you can start hacking right away.




Due to the portable nature of the way this project has been developed, QNICE-FPGA is able to run on any sufficiently powerful FPGA platform. Additionally, there is an emulator available for macOS, Linux and WebGL.

Out of the box, the project contains support for the Nexys4 DDR and Nexys A7 development boards as well as for the MEGA65.

Nexys4 DDR
and Nexys A7
Nexys_Img MEGA65_Img

Getting Started


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